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Rainbow Chakra Gemstone Gold Hoop Necklace
Rainbow Chakra Gemstone Gold Hoop Necklace

Rainbow Chakra Gemstone Gold Hoop Necklace

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Wear proudly and let your love shine bright in this elegant and dainty rainbow chakra necklace.

This line of Rainbow Chakra jewelry is multi-purpose in nature:

  • Each stone corresponds with one of the 7 chakras and represents spiritual wellness, harmony, and balance.
  • The affirmation for this collection is: I am one with the universal flow of love. The energy behind this connects one to the divine essence of love that permeates all that is. May we remember we are all connected.

This gold plated stainless steel necklace is infused with loving and healing energy channeled from Light Language to help you connect to the source of divine love that lives within all of us. When you wear energy healing jewelry, you can: 

  • Feel the blissful and loving energy as you move about your day. 
  • Meditate with it to connect deeper to your Higher Self and divine source. 
  • Be open to the energies and ask your higher guidance to receive the information and use it for your best and highest good. 

Each stone represents one of the primary 7 chakras.

  • Garnet (root chakra) - promotes stability, inner security, and balance. Protective stone that cleanses negative energies.
  • Carnelian/Red Agate (sacral chakra) - enhances sensuality, motivation, and endurance.
  • Citrine (solar chakra) - enhances confidence, self-esteem, and personal growth.
  • Green Aventurine (heart chakra) promotes peace, love, new friendships, emotional well-being, and abundance.
  • Apatite (crown chakra) - enhances communication and conflict resolution.
  • Lapis (throat chakra) - encourages one to speak their truth and connect to spiritual wisdom.
  • Amethyst (third eye chakra) - enhances spiritual awareness and intuition.

All jewelry is handcrafted and placed on a jewelry card with a detachable affirmation. 

  • Whenever you wear your jewelry, you’ll be reminded of this affirmation, “I am one with the universal flow of love.” May you carry these words in your heart and may it allow you to feel peace and love for yourself and others.

For more about Light Language, please see ‘About Light Language’. For tips on caring for your energy infused jewelry, please see ‘FAQs’.


  • 18 inch chain + 2.5 inch pendant
  • Infused with healing energy channeled by Light Language
  • Detachable affirmation card from jewelry card


  • Nickel free, gold plated stainless steel chain and findings
  • Gemstone beads: garnet, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, apatite, lapis lazuli, amethyst.
  • Gold finished lotus charm 

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