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What is Light Language? 

It’s an ancient language that exists in time and space and comes from our souls; it speaks to our souls. It is a language your soul speaks at a very basic level. It has energy encoded in it and it can be spoken, written in the form of symbols, or communicated through movement, singing, and dance. 

It speaks to us on a quantum level if you are open to receiving it. It isn’t necessarily translated into words but each transmission can be focused with a message.

Many channelers of Light Language (also known as Lightworkers) use it as a form of energy healing. Transmissions of it can be a message of healing a specific misalignment, it can be to remember your cosmic lineage, it can be to open your heart chakra, it can be for many purposes but it is always for the greatest and highest good of the recipient and for all.

It uses a high frequency and vibration and in my experience, the channeler needs to be tuned into the frequency or at a high enough vibration in order to receive it and transmit it. 

Light Language can sound or look very different depending on who is receiving and transmitting the messages or codes. I believe there are different dialects that come from many different places in the cosmos. Some people say it comes from their higher self, some say it comes from angels, guides, or aliens.

For me, whenever I’m going to channel, I ask the Divine and my guides to help me bring forth a specific message. Sometimes I ask for healing something within myself and sometimes I ask for an energetic transmission to remind someone of their true essence. 

There are many people channeling Light Language and sharing it online. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, I encourage you to watch some videos on YouTube and do your own research on Google.

How do I channel Light Language?

Light Language came to me in my sleep toward the end of 2019.

Earlier that year, I had my first introduction to Light Language through an expert healer that I had met at a metaphysical convention. I became a student in her coaching program where I received healing transmissions through her channeling of Light Language which was transmitted through vocalizations.

What began to happen while I was sleeping was so strange to me. I would wake up in the middle of the night and my arms and hands would be flailing around like crazy. It was almost like I was signing like sign language but it was very fast and sporadic. Now I don’t know how to sign in sign language so when I would wake up with my arms up in front of me, they would be moving so much that I would wake myself up, and it scared me.

This would happen every few nights for a period of a couple months before I began to research what it was. At first, it didn’t occur to me that it was Light Language because the only version of it I had been exposed to was through vocalizations or speaking.

When I began researching, one of the first things that came up was a sort of sleep disorder. I thought something deeper was going on so I turned to some spiritual Facebook groups I was a member of and someone gave me a link to a video of Jamye Price, a woman who channels Light Language through hand movement and speaking.

When I watched one of her videos for the first time, I was stunned. I knew exactly at that moment that’s what was happening. And it made sense. The healer I had been receiving healing sessions from did say that she has had students that developed the gift of channeling Light Language just by being open to it and by being in such close proximity with it. 

Why Light Language Infused Jewelry? 

crystal healing energy light language infinite self love

For a while I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to DO with this new talent. I didn’t tell anyone about it for months because I thought people would think I was crazy.

What I do know is, this gift isn’t just for me. I know I am meant to share this gift with others and that is what I am doing with Infinite Self Love. I’ve combined my love for creating wearable artwork with my deeper purpose of spreading love and light and my commitment to facilitating inner healing for a more conscious and connected human being. 

The crystal jewelry I create uses semi precious stones and crystals that naturally carry spiritual properties but I also infuse divine energy into every piece by channeling Light Language.

I bless each piece with a prayer, asking divine guidance to impart healing energy into the materials for the highest good of the recipient and for all. I adore every piece of jewelry I make because it is designed to bring out the powerful energy within you and bring it out into the world - glimmering, bright, and unapologetically beautiful. 

Recipients of the jewelry will be able to experience the energy of the jewelry simply by wearing the item. The benefits of healing energy vary from person to person so I encourage people that are new to it, to simply be open to the energies and ask their higher guidance to receive the information and use it for their highest good. I encourage meditating with the jewelry as well to tune into the energy and experience how blissful and magical it feels. 

Why Infinite Self Love? 

ashley infinite self love

The idea to start Infinite Self Love came to me at a time when I first began a deep journey of inner healing. My mind and body forced me to have a hard reset and change my entire life. I quit my job, I left a 6 year relationship, I moved from Hawai’i to North Carolina, moved in with my parents and sat with all the raw feelings I had locked in my body.

I did intense healing work in support groups and individual therapy settings, through church, meditation, prayer, personal coaching and business coaching. I worked part time and just focused on healing my mind and body to be in alignment with my spirit.

Through this intense time of healing, I decided to document and share what I was going through. I started a blog and then started making greeting cards, jewelry, hair clips, anything as a creative outlet to what was being processed in my mind, body, and spirit. 

Given that back story, it made a LOT of sense why I needed to use the healing power of Light Language in my business. It was literally born out of a time of healing and transformation.

I consider this business not just a means for me to make a living but as a necessary way for me to continue healing myself so I may be of service to others on their journey of personal development and spiritual growth.

I am on a path of developing this talent into a skill so I can use it to heal myself and to heal others. For now, I use this gift to infuse the channeled energy and messages into the jewelry I make so that the wearers of these pieces can focus their intention on their divine essence and use the pieces to connect with their divine inner self and use that to guide their lives.

My hope is that the wearers of this jewelry will remember their divine selves, their true selves, and lead lives more connected to themselves and in turn, be more connected with others and the world around them.