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ashley gandiza infinite self love

Welcome! My name is Ashley, and I’m the creative mind and hands behind Infinite Self Love. 💖

Based out of the mountains of North Carolina, my online shop offers heart centered gifts for high vibe souls including affirmation cards for self love and healing energy infused jewelry. Through these offerings, I aim to spread the message of unconditional love that begins first with cultivating and celebrating self love.

Infinite Self Love is about cultivating love within yourself so that we can be the fullest expressions of ourselves in order to shine love and light into the world. When one is connected to the divine source of love within, there is a deep sense of peace and harmony within that needs to be shared outward in a flow of universal love. Self love is the first step to creating love and peace in the world around us. My hope is that through positive affirmation cards and healing energy infused crystal jewelry, these tokens of light and divine energy can be felt on a daily basis and shared with everyone it encounters. 

These offerings are for those on a journey of self love, personal development, and/or spiritual growth. These energies are open to those looking to deepen their connection to themselves and live abundantly, joyful, fulfilling lives. 

About the Offerings

infinite self love pink crystal heart healing energy earrings jewelry

The crystal jewelry I create uses semi precious stones and crystals that naturally carry spiritual properties but I also infuse divine energy into every piece by channeling Light Language. I bless each piece with a prayer, asking divine guidance to impart healing energy into the materials for the highest good of the recipient and for all. I adore every piece of jewelry I make because it is designed to bring out the powerful energy within you and bring it out into the world - glimmering, bright, and unapologetically beautiful. 

Recipients of the jewelry will be able to experience the energy of the jewelry simply by wearing the item. The benefits of healing energy vary from person to person so I encourage people that are new to it, to simply be open to the energies and ask their higher guidance to receive the information and use it for their highest good. I encourage meditating with the jewelry as well to tune into the energy and experience how blissful and magical it feels.

For more about Light Language, please see ‘About Light Language’. For tips on caring for your energy infused jewelry, please see ‘FAQs’.


positive affirmation cards infinite self loveThe affirmation cards are designed with my own messages that come to me through divine inspiration and created with my original photography.

Affirmation cards can be used as daily reminders to stay present as well as stay connected to your divine self. It’s nice to have a beautiful little reminder during the course of a busy day that you find when you open up your wallet at the grocery store or when you walk up to your bathroom mirror and you’re reminded to take a deep breath and come back to your sense of peace.

Can you imagine the surprise and delight that a friend, a family member, or even a stranger might feel if you spontaneously gifted them an adorable little card with a positive message on it? 

For more about how you can use your affirmation cards, please see ‘FAQs’. 

How It Began

I started this business in 2018 when I was in a place of deep healing. That year, I had quit my first “real” job out of college, ended a 6 year relationship, packed up and moved from Hawai’i to North Carolina, moved in with my parents, took a part time job and just focused on healing my mind and body to be in alignment with my soul. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, my body had been breaking down for years and by 2018 I had no choice but to change.

I made those difficult changes and got into the hard inner work of support groups and individual therapy. I found a home in a metaphysical church and was led to personal coaching and energy healing. I dove deep into meditation, sound healing, prayer, exercise, and affirmations - I tried it ALL.

It was an intense period of my life and I realized that my journey of healing was largely about self love. A love for myself that I found by recognizing that I am a spiritual being in a physical body and by realizing that we are all connected. I realized that if I could practice self love everyday then it opens so many channels to a fulfilling life. It alters every relationship I have with another being.

Self love isn’t just about YOU. It’s about being connected to your true self so you can be of better service to yourself, to those around you, and the world at large.

My hope is that by sharing this message of self love and inner healing via jewelry and affirmation cards, my creations can be cherished and gifted. My hope is the recipients of my creations can carry those healing energies in their hearts and share those good vibes with everyone they encounter.